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♪ you look at me ♪ ♪ and love was made ♪ for me and you ahh.
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" new details --and video-- [ gunfire ] new >> you never expect to hear that many rounds in a period of 10 seconds. >> new details and video of the gun battle that left two santa cruz police detectives dead. how the coastal community and struggling tonight with its first ever fatal police shooting. >> wearing body armor, prepared for the violent battle. what we're learning about the killer's past run-ins with the law. >> and a flood several feet deep in the bay area. as the city of santa cruz mourns the loss of two veteran officers, we're learning more about their final moments. new
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details on the suspect's final stand and new video tonight. >> reporter: as you can can see, is this affecting the people of santa cruz. the entire department of 90-plus officers have been given the day off to mourn. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: they didn't know it at the time, but officers were in a gun battle with a former u.s. marine who had three pistols and a death wish. neighbors and firefighters got caught in the crossfire and ran for cover. >> just shocked. you never expect to hear that many bullet rounds in a period of 10 seconds. it was 70, 80 rounds. >> reporter: jer jeremy swung open the door of his home and opened
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fire on two santa cruz police officers in plain clothes. they lay dying on the doorstep but were able to call for help on the radio. he took their guns and fled. he also stole their unmarked police car and ditched it a half block away and started jumping backyard fences. when officers caught up with him, he opened fire first with a gun in each hand. the officers returned fire, and he died in a hail of bullets. he was wearing body armor. it's unclear if he got the vest from the trunk of the police car. >> there's no doubt in anyone's mind that the officers that engaged him stopped an imminent threat to the community and neutralized that problem before it reached out and harmed the people that we're sworn to protect. >> reporter: the memorial grows by the hour. the deaths are the first in the department's 147 year history. at a vigil tonight, many knew the fallen officers. butler was the
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department's top specialist at solving sex crimes. >> it's so hard to explain the numbness and the lack of ability to do anything to help. >> reporter: baker was the city's most experienced investigator. his daughter ashley remembered their last conversation. >> my dad told me how smart i was and how proud he was of me. [ crying ] >> and that -- and just the things he thought about me. he just made me feel so good. >> reporter: and santa cruz police officers could return to duty as soon as tomorrow. they have been told to take their time. a santa cruz fire crew got caught in the crossfire as they headed to help the officers. as bullets struck their truck, the firefighters jumped into action
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to protect people passing by. some even used their own bodies to shield witnesses from the gun fire. no firefighters or bystanders were hurt. police officers today told us about their fallen colleagues. lauren butch baker was a 28-year veteran of the santa cruz police department. elizabeth butler worked patrol, narcotics, and became a detective working in sexual assaults. she was the mother of two young boys. >> we're having a tough time with. this we've never experienced anything like this. >> i was at flower store, and i saw people crying, doing the same thing i was doing. they didn't know what else to do. >> this is the first time in the department's history that officers have been killed in the line of duty. jeremy goulet once lived in an apartment in berke.
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his neighbors described him as creepy. and his father tells the press he was a ticking time bomb. >> two officers down. >> reporter: before last night's explosion of violence in santa cruz, jeremy goulet's criminal record chased back to portland oregon. >> he was looking at my girlfriend taking a shower. >> reporter: three separate times in late 2007. >> it felt horrible. for a while, i couldn't go to the bathroom by myself. >> reporter: her boyfriend confronted the peeper. as they struggled on the sidewalk, danny thomas realized goulet had a gun. >> the second shot, it was going like that. he wouldn't let go of the gun, and that's when i bit his ear off. i couldn't punch him anymore. he was screaming at me, you bit off my ears!
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and i was, like, you know, you tried shooting me! >> reporter: he was charged with several felonies, including attempted murder. a jury convicted him of two misdemeanor, carrying a gun without a concealed weapons permit, and invasion of privacy. . he was sentenced to three years of probation and sex offender treatment. but goulet grew frustrated with the rules, specifically the random searches of his computer and cellphone. after a confrontation with his probation officer, he was given a choice. steak to -- stick to his sex offender treatment or go to jail. he chose two years in jail. he surfaced in santa cruz in the past several months, taking a job at the kind grinned coffee shop. >> i just remember he was intense. >> reporter: it was an incident with a female coworker that ultimately drew the investigation of police. >> that's what happens when
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crazy people move n. they go crazy and do crazy things. >> he enlisted in the marine corps reserve in 1996. he served until 2002 working as a helicopter mechanic and with the military police. we've posted much more on our website. police still searching for a man caught burglarizing a home in danville. he ran off. police spent the day searching the area. officers brought a search dog and combed several blocks but there was no sign of the suspect. the bay area couple believed missing in south america has finally phoned bomb. they were on a 6-month biking journey through peru, chile, and argentina when communication suddenly stopped about a month ago. their families got a little worried. today they phoned that they had been on a
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boat and out of touch. and a bayridge party is officially on, and why -- the bay bridge party is officially on, and while everyone is invited, no one is sure how to pay the tab. the authority approved $5.6 million for the precelebration. but people may have to pay to attend. >> we are the official television station for the official bridge opening celebration. homeowners in san francisco's west portal district woke to a 16-inch water pipe that ruptured at 3:00 am near 15th avenue. the cleanup and the cause of the crack. >> reporter: this was the
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screen today as a small army of city workers, private cleanup crews, and stunned homeowners began digging out from the onslaught of water that flooded this street when a 16-inch city water pipe ruptured early this morning, sending thousands of gallons of water up to 3 feet deep in some places. >> my car had water in it parked in the garage. it was quite a mess. >> i'm not sure our insurance even covers this. >> how come? >> that well, they said it's groundwater. >> it moved elements in the foundation. >> reporter: cracks are growing on his walls and a sink hole has opened up in his neighbor's backyard. it's too early for damage estimate, but considering homes here go for about $1 million or more each, it is definitely going to cost. residents tell us they were told the pipe may have been damaged when t city was replacing a sure line. >> there is a possibility that
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some of that work may have impacted this. >> reporter: or it could have been a defective well. >> that's why they removed the entire section of pipe and are sending it off for analysis. we'll know in a few days. >> reporter: crews are continuing to try to patch this up. but it's going to take a couple of days to get the road fixed. as far as the rest of the damage, that's going to take even longer. a father's emotional plea to save oer children from gun violence. >> jesse was the love of my life. [ crying ] >> how the hearing left almost everyone in tears. >> and a teenager turned supersleuth! >> we have some showers on the radar right now. rainfall north of sonoma county. ,,
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parks. a statue was unveiled today in the capi's statuary hall, where washin a permanent tribute in place tonight for rosa parks. a stature unveiled today in the statuary hall where lawmakers frequently pass. she set off the civil rights movement by refusing to give up her seat on a segregated bus in alabama more than 50 years ago. it was congressional testimony so emotional it left witnesses, spectator, even lawmakers wiping away tears. the hearing focused on proposed assault weapons bans.
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>> and nothing but the truth. >> reporter: on capital hill, construction worker neal wept in front of lawmakers as he urged them to ban assault weapons like the one used to kill his 6-year-old son, jesse. >> something they should have never happened at an elementary school. >> reporter: his words drew tears from the audience but not bipartisan support. diane feinstein proposed the ban to end assault-style weapons. >> and that is legal today. >> reporter: republican s like lindsey graham say the bill would violate a person's right to bear arms and ignore the lack of law enforcement for current laws. >> i'm frustrated w say one thing, how important it is, but in the real world we absolutely do nothing to enforce the laws on the books. >> reporter: the senator
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questioned milwaukee's police chief. >> i want to stop 76 -- i want to finish the answer. i want to stop 76,000 people from buying guns illegally. that's what a background check does. if you think we're going to do paperwork prosecution, you're wrong. >> reporter: joe biden and new york mayor bloomberg met at the white house to share their support for the ban. >> jesse was the love of my life. [ crying ] >> reporter: change will come too late for neal's son. >> democrats admit they don't have the votes for an assault weapons ban. they are making more headway on a measure to strengthen background checks. a bipartisan bill to do that could be introduced in the next couple of weeks. there may be activity on capital hill, but it is not focused on the fiscal crisis. spending cuts will kick in friday unless the white house and congress come to an agreement beforehen. the president will meet friday with
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congressional leaders. the possibility of reaching a deal to avoid the cuts seems unlikely at this point. republicans are already looking ahead to the end of march when another showdown over the budget could shut down the government. if no compromise is reached by friday, 225,000 jobs could be lost in california. there will also be millions lost in federal grants and billions in defense spending. a sacramento area student wanted to do something about the recent thefts in the girls locker room so she decided to do her own stakeout, climbing inside a locker to record with her cellphone. the culprit? the gym teacher. >> when i looked at the video, i was, like, oh, my gosh! i can't believe i got this on video. and i couldn't believe that i had it. and i kept watching it over and over. >> the teacher has been placed on administrative leave while
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the district investigates. after a wet start to winter, things are drying out a bit. sdurg what's typically a wet month, february -- during what's typically a wet month, february, it has been anything but. why we're hearing the d-word once again. >> reporter: it's been a week since any rainfall. across the bay area, we are off to the driest year in decades. in san francisco, it's the driest start since 1852. lately, we've been awash in sunshine. >> the water district is continuously looking at what water supplies we have available to serve our customers. >> reporter: and the contra costa water district says it thinks it's in good shape even with the dry spell. >> we will probably use some of the storage in the reservoir, but that's why we have it. >> reporter: it started the rainy season with 80% of their water storage. their reservoirs
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have up to three years supply, but if we don't get 2-3 big storms by late spring, automatic triggers kick in. the first up is voluntary conservation. but no one is using the word "drought." >> we always encourage our customers to use water wisely, but there's no need to panic at this point. >> reporter: across the bay area, water districts are talking about record low rainfall but above average water storage. even in marin which heavily relies on local rainfall, their water storage is at 97% capacity. and they don't think they'll have to do about water rationing come spring. and keep in mind, our rainy season isn't over. >> we have in the past. there's been miracle march es. >> reporter: which brings us back to 1852 and the parched conditions. that march, san francisco got more than 6 inches of rain, twice the normal amount. one can hope history is destined to repeat itself.
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>> your prediction? >> miracle march ! >> yep. >> everybody calm down. all the chips are in. >> oh, hear you? >> the round of rain in the future. [ laughter ] >> ken is not that far off. maybe he's seen the forecast before you. we've got some showers on the radar right now. there's a boundary passing by to our north. i think it will make it as far south as santa rosa. we've got a few rain showers right now, likely not making it to san francisco because it's encountering this ridge of of high pressure which will keep us mainly dry for several more days. we're just getting the fringes of this front. but still there is some moisture out there in the north bay overnight tonight with scattered showers, and all of us have a little
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extra cloud cover. this high is on the move. it's going to get stronger and closer over the next couple days. and that's going to warm us up. san francisco spent most of the day in the 50s. you'll be in the 70s on friday. everybody will be in the 70s on friday as the winds go from northwest to northeast. it's an offshore wind. then things begin to change. high pressure will move away, and byunday we're down to the low 60s. then this big area of low pressure in the pacific is going to move through. a front will make it through. that's going to give us some rainfall! >> woo-hoo! >> on tuesday and wednesday of next week. so 70s on friday. then we'll be about 5-10 degrees cooler by sunday. rain moving in next tuesday. we could use some. why not? ken is doing the rain dance now. livermore 67, another sunny day, cloud cover in the morning. 68 for pleasant hill and concord and
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brentwood. dublin, 67. mill valley 64, santa rosa, a little wet on the grass, 67 degrees. friday, low 70s. saturday upper 60s. cooler on sunday. cooling down to the low to mid-60s. and there's the ken special, middle of next week. >> liz was doing the rain dance too. >> i was. >> you need team work to make this happen. >> yes, yes. >> a little sample of the dance? [ laughter ] >> she's 6 years old, and at the center of a fight for transgender rights. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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colorado first grader coy ms was born a male triplet, but even as a toddler, was beh an unusual case involving transgender rights and a young child. 1st grader cory mathis was born a male triplet, but even as a toddler was behaving like a girl.
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by the time she started school, she was wearing dresses and was always treated as a girl. late last year, the school district changed its policy and banned her from the girls' bathroom. her parents sued, fearing for her safety. >> we want her to have the same opportunity as all of our other children, and we want her to be able to go back to school and be treated equal three without discrimination. >> this is the first case that challenged a bathroom restriction even colorado's antidiscrimination act. meanwhile a transgender student in boston has found support from an unlikely source. donny collins came out as transgender at emerson. now he wants a sex change operation to complete his transitio but the insurance company won't cover the $8,000 price tag. his fraternity brothers started a fund raiser and raised almost
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double that amount in donations. they plan to donate the excess money to a charity. you can finally stop the rumor mill! the 49ers trade alex smith. where he's going and who's coming in return. ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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pretty exclusive company as only warrior players to dro at madison square garden... wayne start the clock... steph curry joins some pretty exclusive company as the only warrior player to drop 50 at madison square garden. he warms up with 38 last night in indiana. nailed a franchise
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record 11 3-pointers tonight. his final ball of the night gave the warriors a 1-point lead. he had 54 tonight. jr smith hits the jump shot to give new york the lead. they would not relinquish it. warriors lose. randy bennett didn't need to make the trip to pepperdine. they roll over the ways in the win tonight. alex smith has been traded to the chiefs for a 2nd round pick in the draft and a conditional pick in 2014. his 8-year career in san francisco is finally over. giants and angels in arizona. angel pagan fresh off the 4-year, $40 million deal. his first home run of the spring. the giants tie the angels 8-8. vogue will song pitches four more strikeless innings and had 4 strikeouts.

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